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October Is  Deer Awareness Month!

In Michigan in 2012 there were 48,918 reported car-deer crashes with 8 motorists killed and 1329 injured. About 80 percent of all car-deer crashes take place on two-lane roads between dusk and dawn.

(Of the reported car-deer accidents Kent County is number two and Montcalm County is number four in the states highest accident rate) For more information, click the link above.


If you have had the misfortune of hitting a deer, Hill's Body Shop, Inc. is here to help restore your vehicle to it's pre-accident condition. Your insurance company may refer you to one of their "preferred" repair facilities. These body shops have an agreement with your insurance company to keep down the cost of your vehicle repair in exchange for referrals. We believe it's not in your best interest to take your vehicle to these contracted repair shops. We believe safety and quality should come before cost, whereas these "preferred" shops seem to put cost before quality and safety. We believe it to be unethical to cheapen your vehicle repair to save your insurance company money. You're our customer not your insurance company. Hill's Body Shop, Inc. has always and will always provide the finest repairs available.



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